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Creation Time:2020-07-13 23:21:36

In the previous article, I mentioned that the one-person-one-vote system is a very unfair and inaccurate method of counting votes. In that article, I mentioned a new method of counting votes, such as seniority counting. Today I will briefly introduce what is the seniority counting method. Compared with the one-person one-vote system, what are the advantages of the seniority vote method?


What is the seniority counting method?


The so-called seniority counting method refers to the weighting of votes based on the voter's working time (referred to as seniority) when counting votes. The seniority here can be either the working age of the voter or the number of years for the voter's social security payment, working hours in the unit, working period in a specific field, years for paying party fees in political parties, etc. For the calculation of working years, continuous working hours and accumulated working hours can be adopted as required.


Advantages of seniority counting


Compared with the one-person, one-vote system, the seniority counting method is fairer. People with different working hours weight their votes with their seniority. Rather than simply counting them across the board, the votes are counted by head. The seniority counting method is the same as the shareholding system, and it is a relatively simple primary one-man multi-voting system. The simpler the counting method, the wider the scope of application, and the more the number of people applicable. The seniority counting method can replace the one-person one-vote system in a more general range, and can solve part of the unfair and wrong decisions caused by the one-person one-vote system.


No work without votes


The seniority vote method introduces a new principle, that is, no work and no votes. Adopting the seniority counting method will give more weight to working hours during the counting process, and those who do not work will have no votes at all. This will squeeze out a considerable amount of water in the counting process.


As an Internet application, LoserHub uses an "event-driven" mechanism. That is to say, only when the user works on the website, will he refresh his seniority, for example: posting, uploading pictures and videos, voting and other behaviors will refresh his seniority.


Some specific applications of the seniority counting method


For example, the selection of talents in enterprises and institutions can count votes based on the seniority of employees working in the company. Old employees will no longer enjoy the false fair of one person and one vote with new employees, and new leading cadres will also take more care of the interests of the company's old employees.


Modern information technology makes the veteran counting method more powerful


In an age without information technology, it was almost impossible to calculate the length of service of all human beings, but now we can easily do this. If possible, we can even accurately calculate the length of service of each person to the millisecond level. The algorithm for counting votes based on seniority is also very easy to implement. It is time to abandon the one-person-one-vote system and enter a new era.


Disadvantages of the seniority counting method


Although in most cases, the seniority counting method is a better counting method. However, there is no doubt that the seniority vote method is equivalent to the one-person one-vote system, which is only a small step forward. We also need more advanced counting methods to solve more complicated counting scenarios. For example, two technicians of the same working age, but the technical level is different. If they have the same weight when counting votes, it is a very unscientific voting method. As another example, the three old employees in the company are all special chicken, but the voting weight has overwhelmed the new employees with the best technology and the heaviest workload, which is very unfair.


At this time, we need to introduce other counting methods. In a later article, I will introduce the point counting method and the authoritative counting method.

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